What Are The Difference Between Formula D And Stock Car Racing?

If you have even the slightest interest in auto sports at all, you will surely have heard of stock car racing. The term 'stock car' simply refers to the fact that the cars used to be stock items at local garages. Consequently, stock car racing includes NASCAR and dirt track racing. These are the most widespread varieties of stock car racing, but there is another that is far less well-known. It is called Formula D or Formula Drifting

Many people think that because Formula D uses similar cars to the other stock car races, then Formula D is a form of racing cars too. Although these sports do have certain things in common besides the types of cars they use, they are in fact very different. however, they do all come under the banner of motor sports or auto sports.

In the majority of motor sports, the car's ability to go fast and the driver's talent to encourage it to go fast are what are the most important factors in winning a race. However, in Formula D or Formula Drifting, it is the driver's ability to control a skid or a drift which is the most important, although the cars can be really awesome beasts as well at between 200 and 600 bhp.

Drifting and stock car racing normally take place at different types of venues too. Stock car racing nearly always takes place in a stadium, racing around a track. Formula Drifting often takes place on asphalt, but sometimes on dirt as well, but it can also take place in a parking lot or a desolate street. If Drifters use a stadium they are unlikely to use the full length of the track.

The winning driver in standard stock car races is the one who drives over the finishing line in the quickest time. This is not the same in Formula D as there is no finishing line as such. Drifters are judged on their ability to drift or skid and their ability to control that drift. They have to accomplish it at speed and remain on the 'track' too.

This means that a drifter has to have a very high level of control over his vehicle, just like any other racing driver, but the set of skills is slightly different. All drivers have to be able to control the odd skid, particularly the accidental ones, but drifters have to be able to do it with style and panache.

The only drawback from the spectators' point of view is that Formula Drifting meetings are pretty infrequent when compared with stock car competitions. This is a shame because Formula Drifting is an thrilling motor sport to watch and you can see world professional champions in action for a small percentage of the cost of watching stock car racing.


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