Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

For keen motorists and modified car enthusiasts, alloy wheel refurbishment is an essential way of ensuring that the wheels of a motor look just as shiny and new as the rest of the vehicle. Alloy wheel refurbishment can be used to get rid of scuff marks or other blemishes, or just to remove grime and dirt and make alloy wheels look as good as new.

When looking for alloy wheel refurbishment, drivers should look for alloy wheel refurbishment companies that use the latest products and can work on alloy wheel refurbishment on any type of motor, from a family Ford to a high end Porsche.

Here at Prestige Refurbs, we specialise in alloy wheel refurbishment for any type of motor, and to make using our alloy wheel refurbishment service as convenient as possible for our customers, we can visit them at their home or workplace.

Our alloy wheel refurbishment workshop is fully mobile and was refitted with the latest equipment as recently as 2010, giving our alloy wheel refurbishment customers the reassurance that any alloy wheel refurbishment work we carry out is top notch and cutting edge.

We can carry out alloy wheel refurbishment on any type of wheel - painted, polished, machined and chrome, and if you are interested in alloy wheel refurbishment and need a quote, contact us. If you give us the year, model and make of your car, the brand name if your wheel is aftermarket, the design of the wheel - how many spokes etc - and the finish, we can give you an idea of how much your alloy wheel refurbishment will be.

So how does our alloy wheel refurbishment work?

We carry out our alloy wheel refurbishment using ultra violet ovens, and all of our alloy wheel refurbishment jobs use colour matching to ensure that a wheel looks totally in keeping with the rest of the motor and any other wheels which have not been repaired.

If you are looking for alloy wheel refurbishment then get in touch with us today and find out about the wide range of alloy wheel refurbishment options we offer, all for a reasonable price and carried out by people with a real passion for alloy wheel refurbishment.


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